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What Cusick Can Do For You

Our cabling services include pre-wiring, wiring, and re-wiring of voice and data cables. Cusick offers low voltage cabling solutions, including Inside and Outside Plant Cabling (Copper 5, 5e, 5E, 6 and 7; Fiber Optic) and Cable Testing/Splicing (Copper Testing, Fiber Testing, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Testing, Fusion Splicing). We can design and install a custom cabling system to fit your communications needs and eliminate costly re-wiring in the future.

Why Cusick?

Cusick is an experienced installer of low voltage wiring. An inexperienced installer may run cables over high voltage wires, fluorescent lights, or leave messy wiring, and may not be aware of the cable’s bend radius, which can lead to line noise, poor data quality, and premature failure. Our skilled technicians ensure that our cable runs are neat and organized, providing you with optimum signal, voice and data quality.

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