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The Importance of Security
In today’s environment, a video surveillance system is an excellent way to protect two of your most important assets: your staff and your business. Cusick can provide your business with a security system that will enable you to run a more efficient business and reduce losses due to theft and fraud, while providing safety and security to your customers and staff.
Surveillance Cameras

Certified Technicians
Cusick employs technicians that have been specifically trained on the installation of surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), and motion detection equipment, as well as the monitoring of single and multi-unit cameras.

Digital Video Recording
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) records motion video from a camera or surveillance monitor digitally to a hard disk. This allows the video to be played back later without the damage and destruction risks associated with videotapes. By using a DVR, your surveillance video will have the most reliable picture, sound and playback options available, keeping your business at the forefront of technology and security. To learn more about the benefits of DVR, click here to review a DVR tutorial.

Selection of Cameras
Cusick offers the latest and best of today’s technology to ensure the utmost in quality, security, and reliability, including EverFocus and Speco Technologies.

EverFocus Speco Technologies

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